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The Bald and The Beautiful

Follicle Follies!

Sure, the ladies love a smooth, shiny, and shaved head they can rub and show their man some love.  On the contrary, the ladies aren’t looking for the same affection.  Women also love thick locks they can run their fingers through after a good long kiss.  Sometimes, neither are really in the cards and the man is left feeling lost, less attractive and without any answers or solutions. For many women, hair loss is real and can have great affect on her self-confidence.  Let’s face it, no one really wants to lose their hair, unfortunately, nature takes its course whether we want it to or not.  Luckily, nature CAN be tweaked a tad, leave that part, to us.

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Benefits of Nandrolone – Oh Yeah!

Have you been pushing your body for years- or even decades? Did you start pushing your own physical limits when you were a kid? Participate heavily in youth sports and high school sports? Then shift to more hardcore training and competition in college and early adulthood?

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Give Menopause a Pause!

Take Back Your Bad Self!

Perimenopause happens to 75% of women and is recognized by about 30% of them. The signs are there and can be greatly reduced when recognized, the kicker is RECOGNIZING!  Too many women chalk it up to being over-worked, exhausted, age, depression etc.  We’re here to help every woman that enters our world sail through menopause with ease.

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Lucky In Love

You don’t have to wear green to get a lil Pinch O’ Love from your hunny!

Can we just call a spade a spade real fast and all admit that we aren’t always “FEELIN IT” when it comes to the physical aspect of our relationship?  Sometimes, we all need a little push in the right direction, that’s where we come in.

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I Feel Good…I Knew That I Would!

The Feel-Good Factor…

What is this one life we ‘re given all about if we don’t feel good about it?  What’s it worth if we’re just running ourselves ragged trying to keep up?  We’re all about health and wellness here at Elite Health Online, so today we want to talk about wellness. Your wellness!

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Feeling Sexy and Confident!

Did Someone Say Sexy?

Spring is here and that means love is in the air.  Flowers bloom, bees buzz, puppies arrive, everything is green again and everyone seems to have an extra little pep in their step.  We don’t care who you are, everyone on the face of the planet loves feeling sexy for out significant other.  And there is nothing sexier for our partners than to see us feeling sexy and confident.  But, if we took a survey of all of our readers, we’d be pretty sure most of you don’t ever really FEEL sexy.  We think it’s time to fix that, not so hot feeling and turn it up a notch…or two!

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Beach Body 101

Beach Body 101…

Ok! Ok! Ok!  Not everyone is striving for that perfect beach body, but if we’re all being honest, we’ve all gained a few “pandemic pounds” we are ready to take off.

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All In With Sermorelin

All In With Sermorelin!

We rarely do this at Elite Health Online, but in this particular situation, it was a must.  There is nothing better than a personal testimony regarding one of our incredible products.  We encourage you to grab your favorite healthy beverage, sit back and take this woman’s testimony all in.  It just might change your life!

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