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We Have NEW Products!!


I was talking to a friend recently about being over 40 and the fact that it is so hard to lose those extra 10-20 pounds.  It’s like you wake up one day and suddenly have this little extra that never EVER seems to want to go AWAY!  We’ve recently added a wonderful new and safe way to help ladies (and gentlemen) like me LOSE THAT WEIGHT!  The Core Medical Group can explain it way better than I can…

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All The Feels!

Oxytocin is OH SO FELT!

Have you ever climbed out of bed,  looked in the mirror and wondered WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?  Only because your face looks like you put 5 years on it overnight. This was me a few days ago…and here’s why!

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My Journey to My Fitness Goals…

I have decided to bring all of you in on my own personal goals and recent challenges for myself.  It is always good to have some accountability, and now, I have all of you to answer to. This should be FUN!

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