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Self-Tanning 101

What Products Work Best

As Summer Vacay commences, I’m on my typical yearly mission to get hair, tan and nails done all in a couple of days.  Yes, I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to taking care of things like that.  Between my family, my work and my LIFE, it’s just hard to fit them in.  As I was making my journey through the body over-haul section, I decided to do a little test.  A Self-Tanner test!  But, first, let’s see what products are already out there and gleaming with gold stars.

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Back to Basics

What if you’re ready to start the Elite Journey, but don’t know HOW?

I had a friend call me up yesterday saying she was READY to start her journey to HEALTH, but needed to know how to start.  This made me realize, it might be time to blog about the basics.

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Bag Lady?

Ever wonder why you wake up all puffy?

The bags under your eyes and your fingers feeling like mini sausages are signs of SO MANY THINGS!

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What is Myers Cocktail Injection?

You’ve heard of Myer’s Cocktail, right? It’s that magic mixture of saline, vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium that has been around for decades, even before IV Therapy became so popular. It’s usually delivered through an IV infusion drip that you can get at a clinic or medspa or even have a nurse bring it to your house to administer it, but who has time for that?

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Menopause and Hair Loss: Here’s What You Can Do

Pulling out your hair is one thing. Losing it is another. At least if you are pulling it out, you can take steps to manage your schedule, change your lifestyle, or get some mental health help. If your hair is falling out, it’s like a mystery cloud has fallen upon you.

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