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Hormones and Night Sweats

Night sweats suck! There, we said it. Are your hormones playing their nasty tricks? If you have night sweats, you know we aren’t joking around here. Night sweats wake you up at night. Sometimes more than once a night. Each time they wake you up, you’re lucky to get back to sleep. Why? Because you find yourself soaked in sweat. So are your clothes. And so are your sheets and your mattress. If you’re having particularly bad night sweats, and your hair may even be soaked right through. That means you either have to sleep in a puddle or get up, change your clothes, change the sheets, and do something about your wet head. It’s exhausting!

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What’s With All the Sweat???

Never Let Em See You Sweat!!!

That was the tag line for Dry Idea anti-perspirant back in the 80’s.  Since then, the same line has been used for book titles, song titles, even anti-bullying campaigns.  But, do we REALLY never want them to see us sweat?  That is the question…

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Can Hormones Cause Sniffles?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you get it.

Lucy, You’ve Got Some Splainin To Do…

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body is inundated with hormones on levels she’s never experienced before.  She IS creating a whole new life, so it’s a necessary happening, but not always easy.  There is a common theme among 85% of women in their second trimester…CONGESTION!

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Pool Parties and Peptides

Fun, Sun, Huns, Buns and Beer…That’s what Summer is made of!

Peptides to the Rescue

After the travel, pool parties, weddings and what not, we ALL need a little kick start back to health.  If for no other reason, to cleanse the alcohol and sun damage from our systems.  Thank GOODNESS for Peptides…ALL of them! Who wants their skin to head SOUTH for the Winter anyway?

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Semax: Need a Brain Boost?

We hand-select each of the peptides, protocols, and supplements that we sell at Elite Health Online. Sometimes we dive so deep into our research that we come up with products that you may not be familiar with yet. One of those products is probably Semax.

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