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Semaglutide is EASY on the wallet and HARD on FAT!

Who doesn't LOVE a compliment? 

No one has EVER walked away from a good old fashioned, "Attagirl or Attaboy," without walking a little taller and feeling a little better.  I don't know about you, but it seems like the older I get, the less I hear the compliments I once received when I was younger, faster, more fit and a bit feistier.  

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing things like, "you're a great cook, or great mom."  So much so, that I honestly didn't realize how much the bases of any compliment had changed until recently.  

This is where Semaglutide comes in...

Exactly 5 weeks ago my friend told me about this new product they were offering known as Semaglutide.  He went on and on about the scientific facts of it all ...BORING!  He also went into the low cost with HIGH reward part of taking this newfound BFF in weight loss.  Promises of keeping my bank account fat and happy, while making my body fat melt away.  Who would I BE, if I didn't at least TRY the stuff?!?!?

Truth Be Told

I was about 20 pounds over what I wanted to be and felt pretty helpless after trying a whole gambit of things.  I wasn't looking to put thousands of dollars into yet another FAST-ACTING weight loss regimen that proved little to no results.  The thought of another KETO plan, Cardboard Diet (basically rice cakes), Bone Broth Beating or Juice Cleanse was ASSININE to me.  So, let's just say I was a sceptic...to say the least.  

It Costs HOW MUCH???

After hearing how little the cost of an 8-week supply was, I was HOOKED.  I knew I couldn't say no to something that SEEMED so super easy and cost less than my weekly juice delivery (that I no longer need thanks to Semaglutide).  For $725 I received my first round of JAW DROPPING results!!!!!! I still have 3 weeks left and cannot imagine things getting ANY better.  Fat that I have held onto for YEARS is GONE!  When I say gone, I mean G-O-N-E, GONE!!! I would've paid double, even triple had I known the results I would get from a little bitty weekly injection.  

Wanna Know What's PRICELESS???

Wearing clothes and bathing suits that you ordered online for Spring Break and having all of it FIT YOU PERFECTLY!   My bathing suits are the kind I NEVER thought I would be able to wear again.  I'm 46 and felt more confident on this Spring Break than I have in 10 years.  I'm NOT KIDDING! We've all been there...you order that dress or shirt that looks GREAT on the model that isn't even a real person (most likely), only to get it on YOUR body and wanting to just burn it.  Things NEVER fit me like they fit the models online, but they DO NOW!  Every single dress I ordered was worn during my week in the Bahamas.  My husband definitely noticed all the NEW things I had, but was SO happy to see ME so happy, that it was all worth it to him.  

Not to Mention...

The Countless Compliments!  Even my husband commented that I get complimented more than anyone he knows.  Well, that's NOT typically true, but for whatever reason, the compliments just keep coming.  People like seeing others WIN in life.  At least MOST people enjoy seeing others succeed, it gives that little hope that there is some Happy and Sucess out there for them, too.  In week 5, I can honestly say that I have had at least 30 people ask me how I have lost weight.  Matter of fact, this is a text I JUST received while typing this blog...

"Hey, so what are you taking bc you look tiny tiny...I need some"

I replied, "Oh gosh, you're sweet to say that.  Thank You.  I'll send you the link to the website I use for EVERYTHING.  www.elitehealthonline.com "

She responded with, "I'm on it, thanks so much!"

The Funny Thing Is...

She never even asked me what it costs.  She did ask me what products I used and I told her, but never once did she mention cost.  You know why???  Because she SAW real time results and so will YOU.  Why wait another month to FEEL incredible again?  I STILL can't believe my results and often have to remind myself that I CAN pull out that old pair of jeans again.  Who in the WORLD doesn't dream of putting on that old pair of jeans that you just can't bring yourself to throw away.  Hoping that ONE DAY, they will again fit like they once did!  

The Chem Lab Mumbo Jumbo!

In short, Semaglutide works to keep your blood sugar leveled in such a way that it feels OK letting old fat go.  It helps your body start using fat as fuel rather than storing it like a bear about to hibernate.  It is FDA approved and ready for YOU.  Give Elite a call TODAY, or go online and chat with our specialist.  You're just a few weeks away from your old self-