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Potassium Potential!!!

We’re on a product blast and we aren’t stopping until every one of our readers knows exactly what each of our products can do for them.  Potassium is one of the most effective minerals used in our bodies, but often doesn’t get enough attention.  We have 2 products that can not only increase your potassium, but can also increase multiple vitamins and your vitality.

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Can Hormones Cause Sniffles?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you get it.

Lucy, You’ve Got Some Splainin To Do…

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body is inundated with hormones on levels she’s never experienced before.  She IS creating a whole new life, so it’s a necessary happening, but not always easy.  There is a common theme among 85% of women in their second trimester…CONGESTION!

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