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Cardio Formula for Heart Health

Heart Health

What makes a healthy heart and what drives heart health? Elite Health offers the best cardio formula to boost your heart health. Let’s dive in, starting with the basics!

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Vitamin D – The Shield to Help Protect Yourself from COVID

Vitamin D and the Fight Against COVID

Your daily dose of vitamin D can help protect you from the nasty effects of COVID-19. Now that fall is setting in, that means cooler weather, more indoor activities, and more chances to catch any virus, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Spending time indoors and time change overall also means that we are absorbing less vitamin D since we are spending less time in the sun. The harsh truth is that while the warm weather and long days of sunshine are coming to an end, the COVID-19 pandemic is not going away in the foreseeable future.

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Healthy Bones and Joints

Healthy Bones and Joints

Let’s dive into a quick biology lesson to refresh our minds about how bones,
joints, tendons, and ligaments work in our bodies. Bones are the hard, white materials that
make up the skeleton of the human body. Two bones that connect make a
joint, like in the knees and the hips. A tendon is the collagen tissue that
connects muscle to bone. Finally, a ligament is collagen tissue that connects
bone to bone, holding up the joint together.

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We’re Here to Pump, You Up!!

Defying Age and Gravity one muscle at a time…

Of course! We’ve all had that day or week or year when we decide to get toned and be fit.  Too often that day or week or year turns into doing a whole lotta nuthin and subsequently, ends up with the opposite result.  Hopefully, after reading the stats on what muscle can do for you, you’ll reconsider that Kit Kat and pick up a dumbbell.

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Give Menopause Symptoms The BOOT!!

First, You Better Recognize!!!

Perimenopause happens to 75% of women and is recognized by about 30% of them. The signs are there and can be greatly reduced when recognized, the kicker is RECOGNIZING!  Too many women chalk it up to being over-worked, exhausted, age, depression etc.  We’re here to help every woman that enters our world sail through menopause with ease.

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Human Growth Hormone…Facts!

It’s Time for your body to stop acting it’s age!!!!

Brain Fog, Decreased Muscle Mass, Fatigue and low libido are all signs of aging.  Along with a list that is too long to mention, people have tried everything under the sun to SLOW the aging process.  One definitive way to actually get results is with the use of Human Growth Hormone.  Elite offers a wide range of HgH and our staff of exemplary doctors are ready to help you get your groove back.

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