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Hormone Optimization

Give Menopause Symptoms The BOOT!!

First, You Better Recognize!!!

Perimenopause happens to 75% of women and is recognized by about 30% of them. The signs are there and can be greatly reduced when recognized, the kicker is RECOGNIZING!  Too many women chalk it up to being over-worked, exhausted, age, depression etc.  We’re here to help every woman that enters our world sail through menopause with ease.

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Human Growth Hormone…Facts!

It’s Time for your body to stop acting it’s age!!!!

Brain Fog, Decreased Muscle Mass, Fatigue and low libido are all signs of aging.  Along with a list that is too long to mention, people have tried everything under the sun to SLOW the aging process.  One definitive way to actually get results is with the use of Human Growth Hormone.  Elite offers a wide range of HgH and our staff of exemplary doctors are ready to help you get your groove back.

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Beard FOMO – Testosterone and Beard Growth

Have you been jonesing to grow one of those thick full beards that other guys seem to grow with no problem, and are getting all the attention – but you can’t? How many times have you tried to grow your beard out but finally shaved it off because you were embarrassed by the inevitable bald scrubby patches and wimpy hairs? Or maybe you’ve got the kind of beard that has thick patches, no patches, long hairs, short hairs, and no hairs. Either way, it totally sucks. Especially if you measure your manhood by your beard. It also suggests that you may have a little problem with…you guessed it… Testosterone! As with all causes and effects, testosterone and beard growth have this complex relationship.

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Hormones and Night Sweats

Night sweats suck! There, we said it. Are your hormones playing their nasty tricks? If you have night sweats, you know we aren’t joking around here. Night sweats wake you up at night. Sometimes more than once a night. Each time they wake you up, you’re lucky to get back to sleep. Why? Because you find yourself soaked in sweat. So are your clothes. And so are your sheets and your mattress. If you’re having particularly bad night sweats, and your hair may even be soaked right through. That means you either have to sleep in a puddle or get up, change your clothes, change the sheets, and do something about your wet head. It’s exhausting!

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