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Why YOU NEED CJC/Ipamorelin

CJC-1295/Ipamorelin is quickly becoming a staple among top athletes, yoga moms and those wanting to shape up. Originally used to treat several diseases, it was also discovered to enhance performance in more ways than one.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “when you know, you know?” That’s pretty much the consensus surrounding CJC/Ipamorelin. Those of us that know, use it and LOVE it. Those of you that aren’t using it yet, well, you’re seriously missing out. The anti-aging benefits alone are worth it, but there are so many more things this little peptide combo can do.

That’s Right, It’s A Peptide

Peptides work in a variety of different ways on the body, and in the case of cjc 1295, this product acts as a hormone secretagogue, causing the body to release Growth hormone via the pituitary gland.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) produces a lot of powerful effects including an increase in muscle mass, energy, and a boost in metabolism, but it can be dangerous to introduce the hormone directly into the body. Rather than do this, a peptide such as CJC 1295 safely triggers your body to produce the hormone on its own, in a natural manner.

What is Ipamorelin?             


Ipamorelin is a peptide made up of 5 amino acid chains that are often used in combination with CJC 1295 to increase HGH levels. The two substances are very similar and used in tandem to produce more HGH via the pituitary gland. Ipamorelin was the first of its kind to be developed.

Most of the time, hormones trigger a number of other hormones in the body, leading to unwanted side effects, but Ipamorelin only triggers HGH release.

Why We Combine CJC and Ipamorelin

The two products basically do the same thing, but with different benefits. When you add Ipamorelin, this helps level out satiety, cortisol and prolongs the half-life.

CJC-1295 – Benefits (Credit- sportpeptides.com)

  •     Studies show that CJC 1295 can increase bone density and bone mineral content. Testing was carried out on rats in experimental settings – the group of rats that had the peptide injected experienced four-fold increases in bone density.
  •   The peptide can offset HGH deficiency in humans.
  •   Accelerated body fat loss. Obese participants that had the peptide administered to them experienced accelerated fat loss over time.
  •     Your metabolism and energy will increase, helping you last longer and giving you more energy on the whole. This can actually help you decrease weight over time.
  •     As a result of increased levels of HGH, your injuries and wounds will heal faster and better than normal.



A typical dose of the peptide is around 300 mcg per day, which can be administered once or twice a day in doses ranging from 250 to 100 mcg. It’s even possible to go as far as 500 mcg in one dose.

Your dosage cycle will vary based on your general activity. For those who exercise frequently or are involved in bodybuilding, a typical cycle is three months, but you can also push up to 16 weeks to get the maximum benefits. If you’re just starting out,  go for a much smaller cycle between two and four weeks. If you feel as though your body can handle it, you can make incremental increases.

The great thing about cjc 1295 administration is that you can take it whenever you want in the day, although injecting when you’re on an empty stomach will bring about the best results. We recommend injecting in the evening (as this is when the body naturally tends to secrete HGH) around 20 minutes before you eat or drink.

CJC-1295  Safety Precautions

When using cjc 1295 and ipamorelin, we recommend taking a break of three to six months in order for your pituitary gland to recover and not be overstimulated. These “peptide holidays” can minimize your risk of HGH resistance.

If you take too much of the peptide without a break, antibodies can bind excessively to inactivate HGH or you may experience something called down-regulation, where there will be fewer HGH receptors found on tissues. Although these are mild concerns and no long-term studies have shown anything other than theoretical concerns, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

CJC-1295 Results: What to Expect and How Soon?  


Expected results

Month 1

●     An increase in energy
●     Deeper sleep and feeling rested
●     An increase in stamina

Month 2

●     Reduced wrinkles
●     An improvement in skin quality
●     Increased metabolism
●     Stronger nails and hair

Month 3

●     More clarity and mental focus
●     An increased sex drive
●     Increased joint health


 Go on your peptide holiday!

Month 4

●     Greater skin elasticity
●     An increase in muscle mass
●     Weight reduction

Month 5

●     Better skin tone
●     Healthier looking hair
●     A reduction in fat around the waist and belly

Month 6

●     Further decreases in body fat
●     Further lean muscle mass growth
●     Feelings of improved vitality and energy

The Cliff's Notes...

As we age, we lose things like skin elasticity, the ability to lose weight and shed pounds, sex drive and a host of other things.  CJC is to the aging process as Excedrin is for headaches.  There really IS nothing better.  Your body WANTS this stuff and craves it.  So, do your body some good and give it what it wants!  A Healthier, happier, sexier YOU!